Saturday, March 7, 2009

Double Car Wash

A much needed wash for both of our cars which lasted for only a few hours since it rained right after that. Sigh.

Fooling around with wall prints at Sunway

Title says it all

Canon Selphy test print

A Canon Selphy we got as a wedding gift with a test printout.


Taken during the rehearsal of my wedding reception at Merak Kayangan

Cornered Cat

Cousin's cat hiding from me under a bed. Red eye attack mode on.

The photoshoot before the photoshoot

Photos of Soul taken before outdoor photoshoot with Hafiz Ismail

CNY Decorations at Gardens and Pavilion

 1st 2 pics: Gardens 2nd 2 pics: Pavilion

Genting Getaway

Was really cool during our Genting getaway as proven by the mist.

Just before the reception

Excited Choul

Tea Ceremony

All set for "Ip Man" mode.
Add Soul and it becomes "Lust, Caution" mode. Hmm...I wonder why...

Bunting for Soul's Reception

Custom vector by yours truly, used for Soul's side of our wedding receptions.

Canon Salesman


Trying to hold it in at La La Chong

Can't hide the stomach after a great meal at La La Chong.

Pepper Lunch Time

It's a Pepper Lunch time at the Pavilion. Not bad at all.